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Understanding California hemp

Industrial hemp, also known just as hemp, is one of the varieties of cannabis sativa species of the plant species grown for use in the industries. It is used for making a wide range of products and product applications. Apart from Bamboo, hemp is one of the fastest and largest growing plants in the world. The hemp can also be refined in several commercial items and products, including paper, textiles, rope, biodegradable plastic, insulation, paint, biofuel, animal feed, and food.

Even though the industrial hemp and the cannabis drug both are derived from the cannabis sativa, and they contain the psychoactive component of tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, they are essentially distinct strains of unique compositions of phytochemical. The hemp has a considerably lower THC concentration, whereas a higher concentration of cannabidiol, also known as CBD, eliminates or decreases the psychoactive effects.

What should you know about California hemp?

While different states in the US, such as Kentucky, Colorado, and Oregon, have been growing hemp for several years, the state of California is set to take over all of these states in terms of production and sales of the hemp in the coming years. In terms of production, it was estimated that 21,844 acres of hemp were grown in California in 2019.

What should you know about California hemp?

The CBD hemp is being grown and cultivated all over California; however, the industrial is just getting started to be grown in the state. Several companies are now entering the CBD hemp industry in California. One of the reasons behind these companies’ increased interest in the industry is that it has been legalized in the state. It also has less taxation and regulations compared to the CBD industry associated with medical cannabis. The licensed growers of medical cannabis only have the permission to grow one-fourth of the acre outdoors.

Understanding the difference between cannabis and the hemp

Cannabis comes from a family of plants with two distinct classifications in the form of Sativa and Indica. Hemp is part of the family of Cannabis Sativa. This is why hemp contains a low THC concentration, whereas marijuana, which is a member of the Sativa or Indica families, has got  THC concentrations of 15% to 40%.

California’s state provides a very distinct definition for what qualifies as cannabis Vs. what qualifies as hemp. Industrial hemp is a crop that is limited to plant types of cannabis sativa L.

If you are a farmer in California, you can grow any amount of hemp acres as you want on the land, which is earmarked for agriculture. For example, the LA country now provides for a 100-acre farm of hemp. The CDFA, also known as the California Department of food and agriculture, is the state agency responsible for regulating California hemp. The CDFA works and operates in sync with the counties for the regulations related to hemp agriculture.