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FIFA 21: FIFA 22, what can we expect? (Part 2)

Description: This week-end, Electronic arts made announcements about the next entry in the FIFA Football franchise. Players had the opportunity to have a glimpse of the innovations coming their way with FIFA 22. In this article we are going to breakdown EA’s announcement and tell you everything you need to know about FIFA 22.

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In the first part of this article, we covered the new Hypermotion gameplay technology, and the changes it will bring to the FIFA Football franchise. This article will focus on the other gameplay changes as well as the game modes innovations and other news about the game.

Hypermotion aside, FIFA 22 will benefit from several gameplay improvements. First we have a new goalkeeper system that will radically improve their AI and the way they react in the game, as well as making them closer to their real life counterparts. Next, we have the True ball physics system that will use real life data such as speed, swerve, air drag, air resistance, ground friction, and rolling friction in order to make the ball feel as close as possible to the real thing. FIFA 22 will also introduce explosive sprints, a new gameplay mechanic that will increase the dynamism of 1v1 duels in the game. Lastly, new tactics will be available in-game, taking advantage of most of the new gameplay improvements.

In terms of game modes, Volta Football, Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs will all come back with improvements. Details will come at a later date but we already know a few things about these modes. Career mode is as straight forward as usual, as it will give you an opportunity to create a team that you will lead to success. EA teases a new Career experience with new ways to progress. Volta Football will bring new customization and connectivity options adding more tools for the community. Concerning FUT, Division Rivals and FUT Champions will be redesigned to make them more accessible. Players will also have access to new customization options. Additionally, FUT Heroes will mark the return of some of the most memorable players in the series.

Lastly, Pro Clubs will get new customization options as well as feature a new growth system. The social aspect of the game will also be improved in order to make it easier to find new opponents.

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Contributed by mezaoyabin