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Benefits of Using a Metallic Calling Card

In this article we will be talking about all the different ways that a metallic calling card is better than your regular paper calling cards, and also better than the plastic calling cards that you can get. Not many people are as familiar with metallic calling cards and so we also hope to spread some awareness on what this option brings to the table for anyone looking to get new calling cards.

So the very first benefit is that a metallic calling card makes a great first impression when it comes time to exchange your cards. Regardless of if you are at a corporate mixer, at a networking event after a business convention or speaker session, or at the start of a business meeting where you need to share cards with the clients or other potential business partners, when you hand a metal card to them, they will be impressed. What’s more, they will keep that card with them for as long as they can. On top of that they will probably show other people too. The metallic calling cards, made by Metal Kards, leave an impression behind. People have not seen them very often so they keep on to them, and they remember the person who gave it to them.

Coming on to what we said about them keeping it and giving it forward, it is not just that they will remember what you said, they will remember the man with the metal card because it will stand out from all the other ones they have received. And let’s be honest, we have all saved some of the cooler calling cards we have received, even shown our colleagues to talk about it. This is a great tactic to stay relevant in someone’s mind.